For a long time, TRC Tourism has been advocating, educating and providing environmentally and socially sustainable solutions for tourism, recreation and conservation projects – way before it was the cool (and right) thing to do.

Recently we have been reviewing our own company values – assessing how well we practice what we preach. Could we be doing more and how do we evaluate the difference we’re actually making?

This is when we found Pathzero.

Path Zero is a new Australian founded start-up business, dedicated to helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) join the net zero movement. Founders Carl Prins and Charbel Ayoub, both entrepreneurs themselves found that there was no easy to use service available for SMEs to evaluate their carbon footprint. Many businesses were finding the whole net zero journey too hard and costly, with expensive carbon calculators and analysis requirements labour intensive. Pathzero has been designed specifically with SMEs in mind, it’s easy to use, cost effective and money we pay for carbon offsets is donated to nominated environmental projects – what’s not to love?

Using Pathzero’s online calculator, it was easy to see that we were already making a substantial effort through recycling and only purchasing recycled or green approved products, minimising energy consumption and avoiding all plastics and single use products. We found there was even more we could be doing, and we have taken steps to make this change:

  • We’ve purchased a hybrid car for our Director Janet Mackay
  • We’ve invested in using an online community engagement tool – social pin point, which means less travel needed to facilitate meetings or workshops
  • We are developing a sustainable procurement policy and procedures – supporting local and businesses who are also part of the net zero movement
  • Supporting tourism businesses and destinations on their own ECO accreditation / Green Destination journey.

With these small changes and more on the way, we can now proudly advise we are a carbon neutral business! With reduction measures in place,  any additional Green House Gas emissions are now 100% offset through Pathzero projects. You can keep an eye on our progress and learn about the projects our offsets are supporting

TRC’s mantra is about making a difference for people and places, joining the net zero movement enacts this philosophy. Will you join us?